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Arc Echo, the forthcoming Autumn Winter 2024 collection by KGL, epitomizes an enigmatic exploration into fragmented memories, the interweaving of past and future experiences, and the subtle intricacies of self-reflection.

Drawing inspiration from the ethereal realm where memories converge and the fluidity of one's perception blurs, the collection aims to evoke a sense of déjà vu—an elusive familiarity that transcends temporal boundaries.

Arc Echo channels the varied perceptions within the dream realm. Garments evoke the surreal and transformative qualities of dreams and diverse facets of one’s personalities. Each garment is a metaphorical mosaic, illustrating the complexity inherent within our memories. It conveys the notion that the human mind is multi-faceted and diverse, with various elements interwoven to create a unique and intricate whole.

Encouraging introspection, the collection acts as a mirror, reflecting not only external appearances but also the profound internal nuances of one's identity.


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