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Resort 2025


The Resort 2025 collection, Cynbloom, is a celebration of complexity, contradiction, and the inherent beauty found in the multifaceted nature of humanity. It plunges into the mesmerizing narrative of the glorified villain and the inherent duality of nature, while simultaneously also exploring the transition from duality to non-duality, revealing the underlying unity beyond apparent contrasts. This collection is an ode to the anti-hero, those enigmatic figures who blur the lines between right and wrong. Cynbloom illuminates the latent streak of villainy present in everyone, contemplating the intricate dance of human nature and the allure found in contradictions.

Engineered shirts adorned with cyborg motifs introduce a futuristic and rebellious edge, while typographic details offer a provocative commentary on societal perceptions and personal identity. The interplay and underlay of tulle and organza peekaboo pockets infuse elements of whimsy, revealing hidden layers and inviting viewers to look beyond the surface. Fitted corset tops contrast with the fluidity of other elements, representing the juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability. These structured pieces accentuate the wearer’s form, emphasizing the power and resilience inherent in embracing one's inner complexity.

Floral patterns rendered in optical illusions challenge perceptions, adding a touch of surrealism to the collection. The seamless transition of floral patterns represents the concept of non-duality, illustrating how the ultimate reality is a unified, undivided whole, and any apparent distinctions or separations are mere illusions. These intricate designs play with visual expectations, echoing Cynbloom's theme of uncovering the unseen and embracing the unexpected.

The color palette of Cynbloom is both vibrant and contrasting. Shades of blue and cyan green evoke calm and serenity, counterbalancing the collection's darker themes. Metallic silver introduces a futuristic and edgy touch, while ombre transitions from blue to yellow to white symbolize transformation and fluidity.


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