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Fall / Winter 2022


We find our inspiration in the dreamy, subconscious state of mind where the visuals represent our latent psychedelic energy. As consciousness expands, the mind becomes a vortex encompassing a psychological spiritual level. Here on, we’re awarded a glimpse into the future.

The label’s ubiquitous pop art meets the flower child aesthetic, culminating in a mental leitmotif of surreal mushroom spaceships. Our frame of mind is making its way back to the intoxicating times of the ‘70s, as we seek fellow members of our tribe of weird. The fluid journey is also a play on optical lines and illusions. To be able to set healthy mental boundaries; an abundance of clarity, leaving no room for any restraint to claw in. And as true-blue millennials who derive pride in the ‘90s kids moniker, we’ve let the gaming culture come to the fore. A hark back to the ever-familiar hand-held gaming consoles 8-bit typography, the concept of ‘3 lives’ denoted by diamonds, and game stats!

On a relatively serious note, Baroque style, ethnic Indian sensibilities, and a street aesthetic amalgamate. The union is underlined by heavy couture techniques. Mughal era-inspired crystals sparkle and reflect light–perhaps to help you travel to the astral planes. But sustainably, of course! Recycled plastic, upcycled denim, and the works occupy a place of pride behind the scenes. And pearls, beads, faux fur, puffer jackets in bizarre quilting patterns, laser-cut faux leather pieces, metallic fabrics–all derive a fresh identity with Sci Trance.

Shirts with billowed pockets, bibs, and a general sense of deconstructed tailoring mark the maximalist collection. We’re talking pantsuits with puffer jacket sleeves, and a solitary crystal bustier under a formal jacket. Evidently, we’re refusing romantic. And embracing a gender-agnostic, playful and provocative undercurrent.



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