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Our human souls wander merrily, for the entire multi-verse is at their feet. Billions of galaxies, innite realms of realities and countless space-time continuums. Is this proof then, that we've birthed a thousand times in a thousand different galaxies? It's all just Yin and Yang in play.

With the full control of our anima, a tropical paradise awaits, nay in heavens or earths, but in second skins of blooming poppies. Bask in the resplendent aura of colour-bursts of yellows, blues and reds juxtaposed with calming neutrals; enjoy a veritable sense of vibing. The myriad of accent colours, poppies in citrus schemes and lilac dragons mirror a true measure of innite realities across this horizonless world.

Divine entities inconspicuously nudge us as we mould and twist our own realities in the grids of time and space .Y2K inspired graphics offer a familiar comfort on a gloomy day. KGL's Spring/Summer 2023 collection Starseed, transcending beyond the quotidian.

You're born of stardust; feel the divine energy coursing within this nite body of your present incarnation as the collection's ties and cutouts embrace its form. Through this journey to your higher self you will nd that the dots align in the most unexpected ways and the textures crystallise and soften in quirky rhythms. Some plain surfaces contort into waves by the simple pull of a drawstring. Mythical beings from other realities reect the intertwined nature of one and the cosmos. "STARSEED" tells a tale of a perennially positive mind, tethering and tying countless planes of existence into cohesive idiosyncrasies.

Like the infinite possibilities of existence and the constant ow of energy in the universe, the pace of our realities is in constant ebb and ow. Our beings sometimes meander and sometimes abruptly change form - forevermore coursing through the fabric of space-time to attain our higher forms nonetheless.


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