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We live in a world of thought.
As a cyclic phenomenon, our thoughts create our experiences, and we experience what we think. It is the quality of our thoughts, then, that dictate the quality of our life. 

We are a verily, a manifestation of the Universal mind. Our origin is in tiny specks of dust, and yet, we carry the immense power to change the unlimited expanse of the Universe.

Alan Watts believes, the inner-self is the expression of the Universe. With the acceptance of his philosophy, you can enjoy the oceanic feeling of being one with the Universe. It consists of infinite possibilities and all probabilities of existence, granting us sweet access to its unlimited potential.

‘Pneuma’ emphasises the role the vital spirit that lives within each one of us, and the power of our minds. The capsule collection of gender fluid, comfort clothing is a representation of our fragmented conversations with our inner selves and the power they hold. Of us knowing that we are, in some way broken but still guiding and mending ourselves along the way. Of addressing and confronting our alienated feelings while dreaming of a life that we haven’t experienced yet. Of self-doubt and self-deprecation, and at the same time, trusting our intuitions and visualising our highest selves.

The graphics in the collection (hoodies, shackets, tees and more) come with Augmented Reality integration via image recognition that brings them to life. We love to transport people to a happy place even if it is for a few seconds! By scanning the QR code on the pieces and using the filters, you can play with the piece in a virtual landscape, and not just in real time. As we take our first step into the metaverse, we hope that our community has fun along the way with us.

Each piece comes with a tea bag that says, ‘not your usual tea’, with monogramed candies and a side of confetti. Our aim here? To encourage healthy and fun conversations! The package reaches your doorstep in a rather strange wrapping. (We’ve recycled our old pattern paper for this so we all don’t feel guilty about it.) It bears a delivery receipt from a faraway alien land with monogrammed stamps. The receipt says, ‘I lie here wanting to be discovered’, we truly, we can’t wait for you to discover this realm of our KGL capsule.

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